Chemical signals in women

September 3rd, 2009

A pheromone is a chemical signal that sets off a natural response in a member of the same species. Female pheromones have a variety of effects on women and men, depending on the type of pheromone, the time in which the pheromone’s odor is released, and in some cases the sexual orientation of the woman. Few studies have been published that hold validity, due to the fact that female pheromone studies have factors that are hard to control. Because of this, it is difficult to be sure that any study on female pheromones is well founded.

However, the most well known study involves the synchronization of female menstrual cycles, the primary researcher of that case being Martha McClintock. In that study, it was found that womens’ menstrual cycles are likely to either speed up or slow down when they are exposed to the perspiration of a woman who is currently on her menstrual cycle. Another study suggested that when exposed to androstadienone, the level of cortisol in women was maintained. Androstadienone is a component of male sweat. Therefore it is likely that when a woman is exposed to this sometimes unconscious odor, female pheromones make it to where she is more likely to be attracted to a man who she may not have been attracted to otherwise.

Female sex pheromones are released in order to either inform a member of the opposite sex that the man or woman releasing the pheromone is breeding or fertile, or to attract a mate. It is also theorized that female sex pheromones aid in the process of fertilization on a microscopic level. In females, sex pheromones help to guide the male’s sperm along to the female egg for fertilization. Pheromones released by a male tend to increase sexual arousal in women as well. However, if a woman is homosexual, she is more likely to be less affected by the pheromones of a male, thus suggesting that homosexuality has a biological basis. Female pheromones are a vital part of how women operate on a biological and physical level. They affect everything from who women find attractive, to when their menstrual cycles start, among many other things.

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August 27th, 2009

What exactly are human pheromones?  A pheromone is a signal derived from chemistry that instigates a natural response in a member of the same species.  There are many different pheromones, such as alarm pheromones, and food pheromones, along with many others.  However, the one that most people are interested in is the sex pheromones.

Aggression pheromones are used in defense when predators are around.  Animals that aren’t even in the same area seem to know when danger is around.  Arguably, this is because of the scent received by pheromones.  Releaser pheromones seem to be able to attract organisms from a distance of at least two miles.  Primer pheromones seem to send signals that say to change behavior.  An example of this would be when cows all decide to lie down at the same time.  Trail pheromones are used by ants to mark their area, where all the other ants gather.  Another one we may be familiar with and don’t know it, is the information pheromones.  This is when dogs or cats leave their scent to mark their territory.  Sex pheromones in animals indicate that it is time for the female to breed.

You may wonder what all this has to do with human pheromones.  Well, many people, including famous scientists and doctors do not believe in human pheromones.  This is why we have to study the behavior of other species in order to be sure human pheromones really do exist.  The best indication that there are possibly human pheromones is recognized in the following study:  This study involved a group of women in a dormitory setting.  These women were all exposed to a whiff of each other’s perspiration.  Believers in the pheromone philosophy found that this whiff caused each woman’s menstrual cycle to speed up or slow down to where eventually their menstrual cycles coincided with each other. This also happens in offices where women work, it seems that their cycles always seem to be within a days cycle of each other.   For whatever the reason, these things happen and who knows if it is pheromones or not.

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Attracting the Opposite Sex

August 25th, 2009

Did you know that your sweat and body odors can attract others to you? Human pheromones are scents that your body gives off in low doses. They are not noticeable to your nose, but they are there. They contribute to the attractiveness of individuals. This helps you notice particular people in a crowd.

The word pheromone is Greek, meaning to transport and stimulate. Human pheromones were first recognized in 1953. They are best described as chemicals that are released from our sweat glands that attract others of the same species to us. We are not the only ones to release them. Plants and animals can also release pheromones. They use it as part of their defense mechanisms by releasing danger scents. Our scents signal fertility and sexuality. When human pheromones are released they travel up the nose and to the brain of another individual. When it reaches the brain it stimulates them and can contribute to the attractiveness of the releaser. There are five main pheromones that you release. Androstenol, which gives the perception of youth and friendliness. Androsterone is a more masculine scent that represents security and reliability. Androstenone reflects aggression and dominance. Lastly, copulin is released when a woman ovulates to make her appear more attractive to men. Although we have only mentioned the five main ones there are many more. One that if found in your immune system can turn you away from individuals that are closely related to you.

There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to human pheromones. What we do know is that they affect the way we think and act to individuals we are attracted to. They help us to procreate and meet people we find appealing. Pheromones are natures way to ensure that our species continues to mate produce offspring.

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Tips For Human Pheromones

August 6th, 2009

Whenever you are considering purchasing human pheromones you may also find yourself wondering if these are going to really work for you.  After all it is only natural to be somewhat skeptical.  Pheromone companies have been known to make some rather crazy claims about what their products are able to do for you.  They will tell you that these human pheromones are able to create attraction, provide you with an edge whenever it comes to job interviews and make your relationships better overall.  You should know that some of these products do keep their promises but there are also a lot of products that don’t work.  In order to find those products that really do work, here are some tips for you to follow:

  1. To get the desired results that you want from these human pheromones you are going to need to purchase them from a store that is known for selling high quality products.  In order to find this type of a store you will want to look for a money back guarantee and real comments from customers about how their experience with this store has been.
  2. Since there are many different types of perfumes and colognes available, each one doing something different, you will need to read the customer reviews and comments in order to see what each one does.  This is the best way to get a really good idea about the product that you are considering purchasing.
  3. You will also need to learn how to get the results that you want.  Whenever you purchase a quality product you will find that it is quite powerful.  This is why it is so important to know how to use them properly.  Here you should keep in mind that you only need to use a small amount of human pheromones.  Start off with just a few sprays or drops and then slowly, over the course of a few weeks, work up to the amount that provides you with the desired results.  Once you find the right amount to use, make sure that you stick with it.

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Male Pheromones

August 2nd, 2009

The human body gives off a scent from the skin.  They are called pheromones, which is part of nature’s creation.  They attract the opposite sex.   Unfortunately, as we wash our bodies and shower these chemicals are washed away.  Now you can replace your male pheromones with a great formula, that is safe.  Just a little behind your ears, on your neck and possibly on your wrist, will amaze you on how it will bring you closer to the opposite sex.  Scientifically proven to work after much research. Shyness does not matter.  When women subconsciously notice the scent they will come to you.  Male pheromones come in unscented or you can choose your favorite scent.  Consider them aphrodisiacs.  They work quickly with no waiting for a reaction by the opposite sex.

Isn’t it great that all you have to do is put a drop or two of this formula on your body and you instantly become the person you always wanted to be.  Self-confidence exponentially increases and you will find your schedule full as opposed to sitting on the couch watching television.   Reports on major television networks and websites have praised the performance of  Male pheromones.  They have to be tried to be believed.  And all this in a bottle.  You will instantly be a ladies man.

Representatives will reply to any questions and concerns you might have.  Discreet and quick delivery to your door.  A bargain that cannot be found elsewhere.  We stand by our product and want you as a repeat customer.  Why wait another day when you can be a changed person almost overnight?  Your friends and relatives will not recognize the change that has come about.  It will be your secret.  Instead of buying a new wardrobe and fancy colognes, a bottle of synthetic pheromones will do the trick and be a lot less costly.

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What You Need To Know About Human Pheromone

July 30th, 2009

There has been a lot of curiosity about human pheromone perfumes and colognes recently.  Of course, there has also been a great deal of skepticism because some of the promises that have been made simply sound too good to be true.  However, you should know that you really can get attraction, confidence and trust out of a bottle.

Those manufacturers who are marketing human pheromone perfumes and colognes today really have made some big promises that sound quite crazy.  While these promises sound great, you should know that the manufacturers are not always able to deliver what they promise.  This is because there are some really bad products out there but the high quality products actually do work quite well.  It is also because you need to know how to use these perfumes and colognes correctly.

Considering the fact that the results that you will get from the human pheromone perfume or cologne that you purchase are directly related to the product’s quality, you really do need to be careful about what you are purchasing.  You will find a lot of con artists out there, which is why you need to be quite careful to make your purchase from a reputable retailer.  In order to make sure that the store that you are making your purchase from is reputable you should look for a money back guarantee.  Make sure that you check out the customer reviews as well.  Only if both of these things are available should you feel comfortable making a purchase from that online store.

Once you get your human pheromone perfume or cologne make sure that you know how to use it properly.  The first thing that you need to know is that using too much of it will give you bad results.  You also need to know that it will take two weeks to check out the product to see how it well really works for you.  In the beginning you will only want to use a small amount.  From there you can increase the amount until you see that you are getting the results that you desire.

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Where To Buy Pheromone Cologne

July 30th, 2009

Whenever you want to buy pheromone cologne, you will want to make sure that you know what your are looking for.  This is important because you will want to make sure that you are actually purchasing a high quality product that is going to work.  Of course, all of this can be very confusing since there are a lot of ads that make really big claims.

The main thing that you need to know whenever you want to buy pheromone cologne is that quality is important.  This is because not all pheromone colognes are made of equal quality and while the good ones will work quite well for you, the bad ones are nothing more than a waste of money.

In order to find a high quality pheromone cologne, you are going to want to purchase it from a high quality store.  You can learn a lot about a store simply by looking at their customer service policy.  Keep your eyes open for a store that not only has good customer reviews but also has a good money back guarantee.  Whenever you find both of these features at the same store, you will know that you have found a high quality store that offers high quality products.

Now that you have found a high quality store, you are probably ready to buy pheromone cologne.  Here it is important that you choose the right product.  In order to do this you will need to know exactly what you are after.  This is because different pheromone colognes will do different things for you.  While some of them will create attraction others are more appropriate for social settings.  By reading customers’ comments you will be able to tell how each cologne works so that you will be sure to get the results that you want.

As you can tell, whenever you are thinking about where to buy pheromone colognes there are some things that you really need to take into consideration.  It is essential to take the time to consider these things and find a reputable store to purchase your cologne from.

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Male Pheromones To Attract Women

July 28th, 2009

Male pheromones are able to trigger physical attraction because they spread a pleasing fragrance.  As such, they can be thought of as a type of an aphrodisiac that can help to improve upon a relaxing and pleasurable evening that you plan to spend with your loved one.  This is because the smell of a man’s natural sweat is very attractive to women.

Women are very sensitive to the scent of male pheromones, especially whenever they are ovulating.  Androstenol is the main pheromone that men produce.  While Androstenol alone can attract women, a lot of men are quite eager to use pheromone colognes in order to turn a woman’s head.  In fact, one study proved that these colognes really do work because whenever they were sprayed onto a chair in a dentist’s waiting room, a lot of women actually preferred to sit in that chair.

Some of the most common scents that women are attracted to include essential oils, exotic barks, flower essences, rare wine resins, roots and wild grasses.  Not only do these scents attract women but they also increase the feeling of sexual desire within them.

There are also some other aphrodisiacs that you should know about.  First of all, there are scents such as cinnamon, musk and vanilla that work to create intense stimulation and immediately boost sexual arousal.  Secondly, there are natural aphrodisiacs such as avocados, buttermilk, chocolate, cornstarch and tomatoes that are mixed with essential oils to produce a nice scent.  Both types of male pheromones are applied to either the ears, forearms, neck, wrist or clothing at anytime throughout the day.

Today you will find that there are at least 40 different, unique male pheromones available for sale.  These come in the same type of bottle as any other type of cologne comes in and just like any other type of cologne, you will find that these pheromones will last you for up to two months.  Whenever you are shopping for these pheromone colognes online, keep your eyes open for discounts which include free shipping as many online stores will offer this to their customers.

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Male Pheromone Cologne

July 27th, 2009

Whenever you are thinking about using a male pheromone cologne in order to attract women, you will want to make sure that it contains androstenone.  However, you should know that simply applying this cologne is not going to solve all of your problems.  All it will do is simply increase your chances of being able to start a conversation with a woman that you like.

Androstenone pheromone is the male pheromone that is produced within a man’s body.  It is released through your sweat, evaporates into the air and communicates with women through the receptors that are located in their nose.  This is different from the way in which your sense of smell works as pheromones are interpreted subconsciously.   It is also important to understand that these companies are not simply bottling up sweat to sell.  Instead, they are selling a synthetic version of the real pheromones.

Today there are a lot of companies that are selling male pheromone colognes and female pheromone perfumes.  The majority of these companies will also offer you a money back guarantee for these products.

A lot of people seem to think that the only thing that male pheromone cologne is good for is picking up women.  While this attraction is one of the many advantages that you will be able to reap from wearing these colognes, there are also some other advantages that you should know about as well.  For instance, besides increasing your chances to meet new women, they can also help to turn a response of “no” into a response of “maybe.”  From that point it is up to your to ensure that you dress nicely, are clean and do not look or act desperate.  In other words, while the pheromones are going to be quite helpful, unfortunately they simply are not able to do all of the work for you.

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Human Pheromones

July 24th, 2009

The human body produces chemicals, called human pheromones, found on the skin that naturally attract the opposite sex.   Through scientific studies with animals and insects this theory has been proven.  The opposite sex is drawn to you whether you have an aggressive outgoing personality or not.  You will  be surprised when the opposite sex approaches you on a regular basis, leading to relationships you never dreamed could happen. Unfortunately, when we wash we weaken considerably our natural pheromones. Now to your advantage these human pheromones are available for you to apply to your skin.  They are available for men and women.

A couple of drops on the neck arm or ears will do the trick.   The scent is not detectable by you so no problem with overpowering odor.  It is possible to order scented human pheromones to apply such as Pachouli, if you prefer a scent.  You will be amazed at the change in your social life.  It  will not matter that you are a bit shy, the women will be greatly attracted to you and your confidence and outlook on life will skyrocket.  Satisfied customers worldwide will testify to the products’ efficacy.  A useful product such as human pheromones does not come along all that often.

The products are guaranteed to work so no worry about a poor investment.  In fact this is a great bargain that you will not often find.  Confidentiality when ordering is in place and it will be shipped out to you in no time.  Any questions?  Representatives will respond quickly and supply you with all requested information.  Try this great product.  You have nothing to lose but your social life which might be lacking in fun and opportunities.  There is no time to lose in pumping up your outlook on life and gaining self-confidence you never thought possible.

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